• VINK & BERI Products

    Our products are delicious and packed with nutrients
    to give you many nourishing health benefits.
    Say yes to the natural, tasty and refreshing
    products of ALOR!
    Just taste, enjoy and fall in love!

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  • ALOR Aloe Vera Pieces
    in Syrup

    ALOR Aloe Vera Juice Drink offers an amazing burst of flavor
    that’ll make you instantly fall in love with it!
    Our juice is lusciously scrumptious and has
    the goodness of real Aloe Vera pieces in it.
    Taste a sip and you can’t resist – guaranteed.
    It’s that good!

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  • ALOR Pure Coconut Water

    Coconuts are rare fruits that are an excellent
    source of nutrients and coconut water is an
    amazing thirst quencher.

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  • ALOR Coconut Water
    with Coconut Chunks

    ALOR Coconut Water with Coconut Chunks is one of the
    best “super hydrating” drink to beat the tropical summer
    thirst.Drink to the active and healthy side of life.

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  • ALOR Aloe Vera Juice
    Drink with Aloe
    Vera Pieces

    ALOR presenting nutrients and fiber rich juice
    of the incredible aloe-vera plant without compromising
    on the taste with no artificial colour or flavour.
    Enjoy the benefit and even the exquisite taste.

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    Iced Tea

    An aromatic pairing of orchard-fresh peaches
    with tempestuously sweet black tea infused with select
    vitamins A, C & E, creates an exciting, healthy and rare treat.
    And that's precisely what Bare Nature Peach Iced Tea is all
    about. This playful combination of peaches in black tea, with
    added vitamins/anti-oxidants, is to give you a healthy .

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    Iced Tea

    Infused with a citrus twist and a deliciously sweet
    fragrance, blended with hints of fresh lemon, Bare Nature Lemon
    Iced tea is pure lemony drink with the crisp, natural taste of
    high quality tea. Recharge your day with this amazingly healthy drink.

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