This spirited special proprietary blend of gorgeous green tea brings together the rare, delicate and smooth taste of ginger and honey for a lively and eye-opening experience. Ginger, apotent ingredient treasured for its spicy flavor and reputation as a digestive aid, is sweetened with honey, creating an unforgettable experience. The added Vitamins transformsthis BARE NATURE into a unique taste in a healthy and nutritious enjoyment. Sip as much as you please!

20 FL OZ (1.25 PT) 591ml per bottle
  • Vitamin A, C & E
  • Reasons to Enjoy
  • Nutrition Information
  • Order Online
  • One-of-its-kind
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Color & Flavor
  • Sweetened with Cane Sugar
  • Kosher
  • 20 FL OZ Bottle
  • Shelf Stable
  • Shake Well, Serve Chilled

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