This latest variant from BARE NATURE is a thirst-quenching Iced Tea. This exotic flavored Vitamin Iced Tea contains the rich deliciousness of Pineapples and Guavas. It contains Vitamins and Antioxidants to help you stay refreshed. Each Guava and Pineapple can be enjoyed note-by-note in an exciting way. The Guava Pineapple is high on taste and the perfect crowd pleaser for every occasion.

20 FL oz(1.25 PT) 591ml
  • Reasons to Enjoy
  • Nutrition Information
  • Order Online
  • One-of-its-kind
  • No Preservatives 
  • No Artificial Color & Flavor
  • Sweetened with Cane Sugar
  • Kosher
  • 20 FL OZ Bottle
  • Shelf Stable
  • Shake Well, Serve Chilled

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